Yes Conditioning's private lessons are designed to meet the players's specific needs. Each ice session is customized to the player's individual ability and drills are adapted to accommodate the skill level of the player. Each lesson will progress week to week and will focus on all aspects of the defensive and/or offensive position. 


A blend of balance and agility combined with quick powerful skating strides. We work to assist players in improving their forward acceleration, crossovers, turning edges, and deceleration and stopping edges.  

  • Stride: Speed/power, stopping/starting, balance, stability and stance. 
  • Edges: Forward heal pushes/C-Cuts, strengthening the edges, agility, turning, full crossovers, half crossovers, and step overs. 
  • Techniques: Thrust, recovery, smoothness, fluidity, improvement in ruggedness, weight transfer, shiftiness and body reactions. 


​Players will improve their fluidity and speed in skating backwards and through pivots. Will also focus on development of backwards crossovers, edges, and overall transition between forward and backward skating. 

  • Backwards Stride: speed/power, starting/stopping, balance, stability and stance. 
  • Edges: Strengthening the edges, ability, turning, full crossovers, half crossovers, and step overs. 
  • Technique: Thrust, recovery, smoothness, improvement of aggressiveness, weight transfer, and body reaction. 


Players will develop creative stick handling ability in an innovative program that breaks down stick handling into its components so each player can better comprehend and progressively master each maneuver. 

  • ​Various puck protection techniques to enhance confrontational skills. 
  • Aggressive exercises to learn effective puck handling moves and fakes.
  • Develop hand shifting skill techniques to improve puck control. 


Players will develop the rarely taught skills necessary to 'own' the goal tenders in a program that is designed to enhance shooting ability from complex situations. 

  • Shoot in stride-full speed
  • Shooting off balance and off of both feed 
  • Shooting for rebounds-where to shoot when at a bad angle from the wing 
  • Deflections, forehand/backhand shooting, net battles, breakaways & one timers


Our small area play is designed to further develop the decision making skills in tight areas with limited time and space. 

  • Learn to get open without the puck.
  • Reading and reaction skills to improve offensive and defensive thinking.
  • Quickness with the puck. 
  • Puck control in tight play. 
  • Take aways, poke checks, angling opposition into boards and winning battles. 

CONTACT US for details. 

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