YES Conditioning is focused not only on improving your teams performance but also on keeping our athletes as healthy and injury resistant as possible. This way we are not only making our athletes stronger and faster .. but making them more resistant to injury as well. We can also perform multiple assessments of our athletes and teams, such as: Functional Movement tests and Balance tests. 

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TEST: A Movement test is used to evaluate and grade our athletes' movement patterns which are key to optimal sports performance and injury prevention. By testing these patterns, we can identify limitations and asymmetries in strength, balance and mobility and work to address problematic movement patterns or strength and mobility defects. 

​BALANCE TEST: Balance tests are used to assess the dynamic balance of our athletes. This test will reveal important asymmetries in single leg strength and balance to reveal possible future injury risks in some groups of athletes. We utilize the information gathered from both the Functional Movement test and the Balance test to incorporate specific exercises into our athletes' programs that help correct any problematic areas and reduce the risk of possible future injury. 

Functional movement and balance 

At Youth Evolutionary Sports Conditioning, we've worked with teams of all ages, from youth to semi-pro and every level in between. Our personal trainers and strength and conditioning specialists will design a sport specific program for your team that focuses on improving the following key elements: 

  • ​Strength 
  • ​Speed
  • Agility
  • ​Flexibility 
  • ​Core Stability 
  • Balance
  • Power


We view our athletes closely to ensure the use of proper form and technique and to maximize our athletes' results while minimizing the risk of injury. By enforcing proper form during conditioning sessions, we also help our athletes improve the quality of their individual work outs. 

We'll take your teams game from good... to evolutionary! 

TEam conditioning